McCheyne Robert Murray

break out your badges for

21.5.1813 – 25.3.1843

Minister of St Peter’s, Dundee, Scotland with a richly-blessed and historic ministry that witnessed an increasing sense of awakening till the revival he long prayed for broke out under the preaching of his friend W.C.Burns. McCheyne was away at the time on a mission of enquiry in Palestine to explore the feasibility of commencing a work among the Jews and returned to find revival had broken out. Died age 30 years. His brief ministry is remembered because of his marked dedication, the revival and his writings. I will find out more about him! Some quotes follow:

He that paid his taxes from a fish’s mouth will supply all my needs.

No pain, no palm. No cross, no crown. No thorn, no throne. No gall, no glory. Learn to glory in tribulations. This is the only world where you can give God that glory.

…that it may be His will to restore me again to you, with a heart tutored by sickness, to speak more and more as dying to dying.

I tell you, brethren, if mercies and judgments do not convert you, God has no other arrows in His quiver.

My neighbour’s greatest need is my personal holiness.

I preached as never to preach again; as a dying man to dying men.
(slight alteration of saying from Richard Baxter 1615-1691)

Sources: Hampton and Plueddemann World Shapers; Lois Hoadley Dick; Green Sermon Illustrations; Banner of Truth

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