Moody D L

break out your badges





5.2.1837 – 22.12.1899


D.L.Moody was once asked, “How many converts did you have last night?”  He answered, “Two and one-half.”

“You mean two adults and a child?”

“No,” he replied.  “Two children and one adult.”

A child converted is an entire life converted.


Once, when walking down a certain street in Chicago,  D.L.Moody stepped up to a man, a perfect stranger to him, and said, “Sir, are you a Christian?”

“You mind your own business!” was the reply.

Moody replied, “This is my business.”


He once aptly observed, “We may easily be too big for God to use, but never too small.”


“There was a man here last night – you needn’t be afraid that I shall mention his name – who said that his will was given up to God, and who got mad because the bus was full and he had to walk home.”


He understood the value of money in the kingdom of God, and he wasn’t timid about expressing it, either.  He had gone to a certain Mr Farwell time and time again and was finally back for another $10,000 contribution.

Mr Farwell said, “Mr Moody, must you always be coming to me for money?”  Moody replied, “Mr Farwell, you grew up on a farm, just as I did.  Did you ever take a pail to a dry cow?”


After hearing Sankey sing for the first time, with the words  “There were ninety-and-nine…”  on the piano in front of him and composing the music as he sang, he hurried over and said “Sankey, where did you get that hymn?  I never heard the like of it in my life!”

Sankey replied solemnly:”Mr Moody, that’s the hymn I read to you yesterday, which you did not hear.”


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